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And, it's time for round 3!

Do you recognize the decor inside these attractions?

Make your guesses in the comment section below.

<![CDATA[Where in the World? Round 2]]>Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:35:52 GMThttp://www.mousekebeers.com/marshall/where-in-the-world-round-2Picture
Hello again!

Today's first picture challenge will be a little more difficult. They share a common neon theme, and all look like they could be from the same ride, but they're not. They are three different rides. 

Do you think you know which rides these pictures are from? Leave a comment with your guess.

<![CDATA[Where in the World?]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 15:14:51 GMThttp://www.mousekebeers.com/marshall/where-in-the-worldPicture
Hey guys,

I'm currently vacationing in WDW, and I've been playing this game with Thaddeaus and some other friends. So far, Thaddeaus has been pretty slow with his answers, so I'm giving everyone else a chance.

Here's how it works—I take a picture while on a ride, or in a queue, and send it out to see if people can guess where I am.

Here are the first four pictures. 

Do you think you know where they all are? Comment below.